Introduction To Podcasting

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About this course

We will create your podcast by taking you from idea to launch. We will cover what you will need to get started, how to create an intro/outro, how to build an episode, and how and where to share your brand new podcast. 

Welcome to Introduction To Podcastcasting, let's get your podcast rocking.

Course Structure

6 Chapters

Podcasting 101: How To Get Your Podcast From Idea To Launch... Today.

This course will show you everything you need to know about getting your podcast up and running. We will take it from just an idea to an actual podcast that you can start sharing with the world.

Overview 1 Lesson

What You Can Expect From This Course.

This will be an overview of what you can expect to learn from this course, Also a little introduction about me and why I built this course the way I did.

Get ready to have your podcast up and running soon!

Here is a list of what you'll need to start your podcast: Download List Here



Why Start A Podcast? 1 Lesson

Introduction To Podcasting: The Who, What, and Why of Podcasting

This is a brief description of WHAT podcasts are, WHO listens to them, and WHY we should want to start one. We'll go over different types of podcasts and which will be best for you and how you can create affinity and build an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you. I will also share with you some of the optional tools that you can purchase to increase the quality of your podcast.

Click Here to download your checklist for starting your podcast.

Where To Record And Host Your Podcast. 1 Lesson

How To Create Your Anchor Account.

We will be using Anchor.fm and the Anchor app, available in the Google Play or iTunes Store. This lesson will go over how to create your Anchor account. This will also cover creating album art and naming your podcast and creating a description. You will also be provided a website that you can share your podcast and its episodes from.

How To Create An Intro & Outro. 1 Lesson

Creating An Intro/Outro To Add some Depth To Your Podcast.

In this lesson, we will discuss creating an intro and an outro that you can easily add to each and every episode. For the intro, we will want to make sure that we let the listener know what it is that they can expect. In the outro, we will want to make sure to invite the listener to subscribe to our podcast and leave a comment. We also want to create a call to action that gets the listener to take a step to connect with us.

The Episode Builder. 1 Lesson

How To Create An Episode Inside Of Anchor

You will find out that creating an episode in Anchor's Episode Builder is incredibly easy. You already have an intro and outro, now you will just need to record the actual episode. You can record directly to your Anchor account through your computer or phone. You can also use files such as files from sites like Zoom if you choose to do an interview-based podcast.

Congratulations! You Have A Podcast. 1 Lesson

Now That You Have A Podcast, Where Do You Share It?


Just like I told you, you would have a podcast done by the end of this course. Now, where and how do you share it? There really isn't a limit to where you can share it but a few great places to share will be through social media posts, on your website, on guest websites, in your email signature, and many other places.

Now that you have your podcast up and running, start sharing away. I am excited for you to start changing lives by sharing your voice for those who need to hear it.